Rogan Forestwalker

Azata Assimar Paladin of Erastol


Standing at 5’7" Rogan is of moderate height and build. He has cobalt blue eyes and long Platinum hair that he lets hang loose normally but when its time for business he will pull it into a pony tail. He wears medium armor and carries a long bow and great sword on his back as well as quivers of arrows on each hip. He appears young till you see the wisdom of years of experience behind his eyes.


Rogan trained to be a paladin of Erastol at the young age of 20. He has spent the years traveling the world working with farmers, hunters, and various small communities to settle land disputes, agriculture, how much land should be logged, and other various issues related to the land. Rogan has been contracted multiple times under the employ of the Professor normally as a guide/bodyguard through through various lands. In the past couple years he had relocated to Tien Xi to explore a new land. Thus the news of the Professor’s death and request to attend his funeral came late and travel would take longer. As fortunate would have it Rogan encountered a wizard while seeking travel arrangements. In light of the unfortunate circumstances the wizard was gracious enough to give Rogan a discount on a teleport to the area. Rogan begrudgingly accepted the man’s gracious offer leaving him with only a couple gold left in his pocket as he arrives in town.

Rogan Forestwalker

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