• A Paladin Named Slickback

    A Paladin Named Slickback

    Not your typical lance stuffed up his shorts type, this celestial do gooder likes to get down with the ladies.
  • Bregor


    This Dwarf skin appears to be twisted and mangled. scars from age old wounds cover his face and arms, all seeming to be from some surgery long ago. He carries what appears to be a ball and chain wrapped over his shoulder over his chainmail.
  • Lazlo DonBravan

    Lazlo DonBravan

    A Dwarven Seer with an unusual accent and more unusual spell choices
  • Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger

    An avidly curious cat of the wild not so much interested in anything specific as much as just interested.
  • Razelda


  • Rogan Forestwalker

    Rogan Forestwalker

    Azata Assimar Paladin of Erastol
  • Simon Bell

    Simon Bell

    Tiefling Rogue
  • Skorch


    Ifrit Wordcasting Tatooed Sorcerer, Level 5