Carrion Captain's Crown

Words spoken from a true ladies man

From DaveSoldavini:

I have better things to do. Like not be in Ustalav sitting around a dull village, not even an orphanage to go help the ladies at. At least the debt will be paid soon, and this Kendra Lorrimar! Thank goodness the ladies dig my funky self so much. She just can’t let it show in front of the others, I understand. This Harrowstone sounds interesting, I am sure there is no shortage of evil to vanquish within it’s walls and with the aid of Valen, Girgore, and Vannter I am sure it could be done. There’s a strange fellow involved however, a pre-pubescent lad named Rominac. I trust him as far as I can throw him, actually about half as far as I can throuw him plus twice my strength bonus without using my Dwarf Tossing Feat. He attacked some superstitious villagers at the good Proffessors funeral, and nearly dropped his casket in the process. Luckily the little lad is too short to have been much help and I was able to prevent a catrastophe .I guess when you are that small anything can scare you, even some villagers out gardening in a graveyard mistaking the good proffessor for a Necromancer. An unfortunate misunderstanding that could have been easily corrected. There is something untrustworthy about this Rominac, why the mask? Why send me away to find the group for aid then descend into the crypt alone? Why is he vandalizing Kendra’s house and attacking other guests in the middle of the night? And the matter of the books, strange. Too many questions, at this rate I’ll have to keep the villagers from burning him at the stake. If they do it for all the right reasons do I have to stop them? This Paladin thing sounded easy when my High School guidance counselor suggested it but it is kind of a pain in the butt. Well, I need a cigarette before prayers. I will have to finish this later.



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