Carrion Captain's Crown

What is this play about?

These people are messed up!!
This must be what their home lives are like:
“Hey honey, let’s go to the theater and watch people be tortured.”
“No, dear, that has just gotten so boring.”
“But honey, in this one they make them swim around in acid!!”
“Well how could I say no to that, dear, let’s go. I want to get good seats to smell as well as hear the painful moments.”
I don’t know how Iomedae is going to forgive me for this one. Given my track record I’m amazed she still put’s up with my crap.
The chick that joined up in the belly of the acid beast better be into me, I mean way into me, for all that crap. I know I am supposed to be all “grateful” and shit that they resurrected Grigore, but EEEXXXCCCUSSSSSSEEE MMEEEEE if I ain’t. Who knows what they would have done with his body if I had let them take it off the stage, probably let dogs tear it apart for entertainment during the intermission. I’ve been through too much with that priest of a lesser god, waffle iron or no, to just laugh it off. More and more I’m looking forward to Vanter disjointing that jaw of his and eating some ‘theater goers, producers, and writers’. Well, at least Rogan and I were able to deal with the acid fairly well and now that we made some money I think I am going to pay for Lazlo to take some pitching lessons. There has to be an out of work Little League coach who can teach him a thing or two about ACCURACY!



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