Carrion Captain's Crown

The nightmare continues

day 4 in Ravengro,
The day began quietly enough. Our scaley friend Vantter and myself set off to visit father Grimburrow to try and repair our much damaged reputation in Ravengro. Unfortunately, that fiendish hellion Romanic tagged along and wouldn’t you know it, before we could finish Romanic had attacked the kindly old priest. luckily for us it was only a verbal attack, accusing Grimburrow of prejudice against halflings(like anyone in this town still believes Romanic to be only halfling). We managed to avert disaster by dragging the fiend off and tying him to a gravestone. Unfortunately (I seem to use that word far too often when I speak of Romanic) the sly little devil managed to slip his ropes and animate three of the dead and resting villagers. As luck would have it, only one attack us the other two turned on their summoner. I must say watching Romanic in battle only confirms my suspicions, for no mere halfing could dispense so much damage so effortlessly. Despite all the interuptions we did manage to get a fare bit of work done in the cemetery. Near dusk the entire group decided to go down and investigate the memorial by the river. Upon close inspection we found someone had written the letter “V” in blood on the statue (could it be referring to the late wardens wife vesoriana?). We hid under the bridge for a couple of hours hoping to catch whoever was marking the statue, but alas it was not meant to be. We made our way to our beds only to be awakened again by Romanic( does that foul thing ever sleep?) carrying a tied and near dead villager up the stair in Kendra’s lovely home. With all of Pharasma’s blessings I was barely able to save the poor mans life. Thanks to the quick thinking of our level headed Paladin named slickback, the sheriff arrived and arrested Romanic. Now perhaps we can all get a good night sleep without that fiendish sneak creeping about. I fear it was only a matter of time before he skulked into one(if not all) of our rooms and slit someones throat while they slept.



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