Carrion Captain's Crown

The halfling and the hogtied man...

Damn it all but this is getting rather interesting. I am happy to say I have survived another unfortunate series of events. I also find it awkward to admit that I have eaten Wolf Balls, and that I like them. The last few days have flown by and have been most productive as well. The turning event came unexpectedly when the good Dr.s and myself were attacked by vile blood sucking ex-wives (or Stirges as they call them locally) at the local tavern. Their attacks were as relentless as a swarm of hippies begging spare change. After fighting them off and slurping down several salty juicy balls with tasty ales the locals began to warm up to us. It took a day of rest to fully recuperate and then doors really began to open for us, literally. First at the Town Hall where we were allowed access to the cities records and then later at the local school where the kids skip rope to a most unusual rhyme. Strange doors also opened at the local graveyard where our resident troublemaker stirred up the undead. Given his propensity for threatening to kill us in our sleep, or (at the least) cutting out my tongue, I found it strange that Vanteer would go to his aid. Perhaps he had hoped to snack on some ‘aged’ meat. A mystical door also opened for our Dr. Vulpes as well, who persuaded us to visit the memorial where strange necromancy had occurred. I thought little of it when we left the nuisance halfling there that fateful evening, and thought less of it when I was awoken in the dark hours to find him with a hog tied man bleeding in his room. Why I was not surprised that the halfling would have a hog tied man in his room I do not know, and must give more thought to that later. The child sized thing continued to insult and threaten me as I prepared to fetch the law, his death threat count far exceeds the silver in my pocket. I have come up with a new game, every time he threatens to kill one of us I will take a shot of whiskey, however, I may not be sober for the next month! I spent no time wasting words with the Sheriff as I led him back to the house. He was kind enough to allow me to assist him with his investigation and was surprised to find that the halfing’s words have a ring of truth to them. I was also given a brief reprise from him when he was placed in protective custody for a short while. Praise be to Iomedae if the nuisance finds himself needing more ‘protection’ in the near future! Given his propensity for foolishness I am sure this will be soon. At least he had the decency to not kill this man Gibs, the morrow promises to be even more interesting. I believe we are headed to Harrowstone before too long, I must look into renting a chipper should we be assaulted by hoes.



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