Carrion Captain's Crown

Playing if off

That hangover was a killer. I was pretty happy when they didn’t follow me up the stairs the other day, I just didn’t realize it would take to so long to sleep that one off. When I found the party they had just had a furious battle with more stirges, Vanter was hurting, and I was sure my ruse was up but everyone seemed rather happy to see me back and Grigore suggested it might have something to do with hookers. I’d thank the good priest for that, but it might offend his god and given the massive healing his god keeps bestowing upon me I think I’ll just keep quiet. Praise Iomedae and all that, but Pharasma is damn fine by me these days. I wonder if she’s got a sister. My disappearance took a bit of a back seat when Vanter lured in another stirge. Wait, let me restate that…he lured in the biggest freaking blood sucking pig of a stirge I have ever seen. Freaky man, freaky. Well at least the biggest I’d seen until a minute later when another one of these genetically modified stirges latched onto Lazlo. I have to admit I nearly laughed hard enough to pee in my Armour at the way the little guy screamed. Whatever lingering effects I was feeling from the whiskey got driven out by that piercing wail. You would have though Justin Bieber just showed up for a dream date with some preteen banshee. During my nap they found a wizard named Rizelda and some random guy. He’s already dead so you know, he’s a hero and everything for saving the village. What a wizard named Rizelda and some random dead guy were doing walking around the prison one can only wonder, but I bet I can guess!! Then that night we met Rogan, for some reason I keep wanting to call him Seth. Must be a parallel universe planar outsider thing. He’s one of those goody two shoes type paladins, I think I might have to start changing my underwear now that he’s around. Anyways, it was good to feel back in the saddle until I nearly died at the hands of some freaking jello beasts. Ectoplasmic entities the smart people call them, but I know jello when I see it and this was a walking talking pack of Fuck a Paladin Up flavored jello. Lets just say I wasn’t running away frightened, just trying to lure them away from the party so no one else got hurt. What can I say, I am that kind of guy, I care. Well, we made it down into the pits where I nearly got killed AGAIN. It’s like god hates me or something and gods name is Brent, I mean why’s everyone gotta hate a roll playa like me? Hate the mechanics of the game system, not the player Oh, and one last thing. The damn keys don’t open shit, that’s fucked up. Probably going to have to go back down in that hole again and smite some evil. At least I got that going for me, which is nice. There better be a pack of smokes down there too, I’m almost out.



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