Carrion Captain's Crown

Getting the band back together

Justice has been delayed too long, we must ensure that Iomedae guides the swift boot of righteousness into the ass of the wicked! It is early in the morning and the coffee only begins to pulse through my veins as I sit at the keyboard this chilly morning waiting for the sun to rise over the canyon wall, so I am short on both memory and inspiration to fully remember the events that last transpired in our characters lives and elucidate most foolishly on them. Leave it to say that Slickback looks forward to Monday night and delving deep into the history of this ‘Beast’ so he may defend the defenseless, speak for the silent, craft cunning analogies, and alliterate the actions of all. Forward…to fame, justice, and stacking the babes like blueberry pancakes at the IHOP. The boys are back in town and that can only mean one thing…



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