Carrion Captain's Crown

From the Personal Journal of Dr. Lazlo DonBravan, D.A.S, D.A.A, D.N.S

From Lazlo's Journal

Ravengro unt Harrowshtone are most definitively suffering from ze ravages of reztless zpiritz. A condition vich hazt drawn ze attentions of ze Vishpering Vey. It remains unklear as to ze goalz off zis foul zecret order off Necromansherz, I am convinshed zat ze Harrowing of Ravengro is NOT ze primary objective off ze Vishpering Vey, but a collateral evvect off zseir Necromanntik machinations.

Recently, a brave band of adventurers haff proven invaluable in inveshtigating ze occurranzes of Hauntings unt ze attacks off ze risen dead. I haff come to rely heavily upon ze Paladin Zhlikbahk, ze Cleric Grijorri, a zerpentman varrior named Vanter, unt ze apparent begrudging unt reluktandt help off ze Halvling Romanak. Our inveshtigations haff borne fruit.

Five vile and condemned villains did meet zeir end during the riot unt fire vich sent Harrowshtone to its downfall. It is my theory zat ze zpiritz off zeze five villains are not only the cause of the troubles befalling ze town of Ravengro, but ze zource off Necromanntik dishturbance zat ze Vishpering Vey wishes to exzploit! More exploration off ze Prizon is necessary iff ve are to unravel zis mystery unt confoundt ze machinations of ze Vispehring Vey before ze cause zhevere unt lasting harm to Ravengro.

As Alveyz, I remain
Doctor Lazlo DonBravan, D.A.S, D.A.A, D.N.S.



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