Carrion Captain's Crown

From the begining to the infected.

I have arrived at Ravengro at last. The past couple days of travel have been unfriendly in my mihiss haps of being a creature of abnormal figure… visually. But today is the day of the Funeral For the doctor . I look around in my cloaked figure. i know it isnt a good fashion at a funeral . but im am likely to be burned if i wereh to show myself. I look to see a few weird looking face’sss. never the less most human. I offered to help carry the casssket along with the weird bunch. we have a strange little person named Rominac all though small im sure he would make a good snack. Grigore a claric who is very fearful of things. everyone has there own fears but… he brings a new level of excitment. Slickback a paladin of nobal honor im not sure what to make of him quite yet . a sorcerer from a strange land . and the bow man elf Valen . we were the volanteersss to carry the casssket of the doctor towards his grave. We were stopped by some angry villagers. After there leaders first word was uttered the little man throw a dagger at there his feet hence for the farmers attacking. i slowly put down the casket and drew my ssheild and sword. I was aiming to only knock out the farmers for they were not skilled at fighting . after a few minutes we knock them all out. The cleric of the town healed them and skulded them for how foolish they were being. After this we continued to the barreil spot for the dear doctor’sss body. Afterwards the Doctors Daughter came to us telling us there was a will that her father had intended for us. We went to her house and in the will was listed 4 books to go to sperate people. We can only give them to these people at one month after the seal of the will being opened. Ssso im stuck with all of these people for a while a month until then we must figure out of the mystery of the doctors death and why he went to harrowstone and who was after him. On another topic the people i have learn to call friend are not hitting me with flaming pitch forks because of my scaley skin but i still have the cloak because i understand the entention of the town people if my true idientiy is found. so i search information about this whispering way. i found little about them. but at night is the time of rest that i need. near morning i am waken by the cleric saying the littler one who they refur to as a demon now,has heared something down stairs. I rolled my eyes and fell back to sleep. In the day time i search for more knowledge about the whispering way . i still find little needed. So in order to talk to the towns folk i wrapped myself up in bandage’s hoping it would help with the situations. but it only made it worse. after a while my friends slick and gore found me and said something about going to the prison .on out way back toward the house we found a tasty snack by the name of Lazlo. we then all headed toward the prison. at the prison we faught hundreds of rats crawling around in a room. it reminded me a bit of my favorite meal dwarf on a stick. after being hurt by these rats i wasnt feeling so well. Another thing we faught was a scythe that had two arms on its handle. After taking a while to hurt and kill it we decided going back to the town would be safer at this point.
I tryed a mask on that the little on has bought me i thought it was quite the mask it is used to make it so i can talk to people by scaring them less. but no body thought i was in a good enough disgusie. so i had to stay home with the Little thing . After a couple hours he segest that we go to the local bar. When we get there i see my friends they looked a bit pale but im sure nothing to bad didnt happen. for the next day we all rested. but on thusday i was able to help my good friends gore and romy with cleaning out the cemetary of weeds, children, and reanimating body parts all with a single hoe and sword. after words we went to check out the memorial for the prison guard and there was blood that . what sick person would do such a thing. After investagating this i felt it was a nice time to go to bed. after a couple hours i was waken by the cleric again. so i went with slick and got the sharuff and went back to sleep in my world of dwarf eating.



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