Carrion Captain's Crown

Fear and loathing in Ravengro

Day 5
The day began in a most horrifying manner, our dear departed friend professor Lorrimar appeared at the door. It wasn’t really the professor but his re-animated corpse and it was sent along with several others to send us to the bonepile it seems. Fortunately we were able to overcome them in time to make it to the town meeting(which I was certain was a ruse to get us to the gallows or worse, the burning stake). Even without the townsfolk burning us at the stake, the meeting proved to be dangerous enough. Just after the good paladin offered our services to the town, we were attacked by flaming flying demonic skulls. Dispatching the skulls proved easy enough, putting out the fires they started not so much. We did manage to prevent the entire town hall from burning and that I believe may have aided us in gaining some small amount of favor from the townsfolk.

Day 6
My idea to patrol the town to find some clue as to what has been going on was a failure. We patrolled all day and found nothing. In the evening the party decided it would be best to go back to Harrowstone and seek the spirit that has been seen haunting the east wing. Why oh why did I let them talk me into coming back to this foul place? Upon entering the very first room the doors slammed closed and began to scream at us. Luckily I was on the outside when the doors closed. Using one of the eldrich glass vials the others were able to destroy the screaming doors. Lazlo then went into one of the adjacent rooms only to be attacked by a freezing spirit of some sort. Allowing the positive energy of Pharasma to flow through me I wounded the spirit and Slick finished it off with another one of the strange vials. Romanic entered the next room and was attacked by more of the flaming skulls. I panicked and shot one of the demonic skulls. Pharasma must have guided my hands, for the skull was destroyed. If we make it out of here alive, it will be a miracle.



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