Carrion Captain's Crown

Brent's Birthday Dungeon

Tonight’s game may or may not be replaced this week with Brent’s Birthday Dungeon! :-)

I present to you the opening scene for your anticipatory enjoyment!
You are dragged roughly, bound and gagged, from your prison cell into the king’s chamber. As the headsman removes the stinking bag that was covering your head, you notice you are in the company of other prisoners, also bound and gagged. As you lay on the floor, you can turn your head in your steel bindings just enough to see the king as he pronounces his verdict.
“For your crimes, you are hereby banished to Dungeon of Thule until such time as you retrieve for me the Blackflame Sphere of Annihilation!”
Without further ado, the court wizard steps forward and begins casting.
Suddenly you feel a lurching in your stomach, and the rush of air past your still-gagged face. As your chained body rotates through the air you see yourself falling into what looks like the crater of a volcano – if a volcano had gargantuan tentacles flailing from it’s sides and was made of a blue-grey fleshy substance. As you approach the crater rapidly you realize that it isn’t a crater so much as a maw filled with girating teeth funneling into a void of utter darkness.
Please roll a reflex saving throw, and don’t forget that in your bound and gagged condition, your effective Dexterity is 1…

I’m so excited! See you guys tonight!!!!!!



Umm.. NATURAL 20! and I have a special Monk feat out of the “Essential Munchkin” article out of Kobold Periodically (as written by Judges Guild in 1978… I’m sure you remember it) It gives me my full dex bonus when bound.. and a +2 “awesome” bonus to reflex saves per character level..

Brent's Birthday Dungeon

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